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More than ever, Croatian wine scenes and the total number of producers and wines today deserve a serious approach to creating a restaurant wine list. In particular, our tourism as the main Croatian income branch is the best way to communicate Croatian wines and winemakers simultaneously with domestic and world market populations.

Although proudly present at today’s wine production in Croatia, we still have to be aware of the size of Croatia as a wine country compared to the big world market. I personally like to say that the total Croatian production of wine is just one small wine boutique and Croatian as a wine country is just one small jewel of the world wine scene.

A good wine list is therefore the main catalog and window in the world that communicates our wines with end-consumers. The reason behind the creation of a restaurant wine list is to respect the rules of the profession, so make sure that the same is a credible communicator with the correct information.

Do not give up the case, if you are a serious caterer dedicate your choice of wine with due diligence. With our 32nd year experience, we are at your disposal for consultation in creating a wine list suitable for your real needs.

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