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Every wine in the winemaking process is meant to be a good and appreciated product. Grapes harvest quality and effort, applied knowledge, experience, and inspiration, including the desired style of wine ultimately shapes its market value. When wine as a finished product is offered on the market apart from our personal impressions and subjective valorization, including the opinions of the broader consumer circle, wine grading on renowned wine competitions will ultimately make the crown of the general impression and judgment of the value of a particular product. Although enjoyment of wine leaves the right to create individual judgments, while their evaluation can sometimes be considered as a subjective method, final valorization is ultimately a sum of all impressions and the final word of wine connoisseurs at significant competitions. In an ever-growing market game, our wines are continually proven and here we present just some of the last valuable awards.

NAGUAL ZLATO Ljubljan IMG_20180612_144306

Gold Medal

Nagual Bijeli, 2013.

Mukaz Zlato Ljubljana

Gold Medal

Muškat Brutal, 2019.

Ljubljana prvak države IMG_20180612_144319

State Champion

Muškat Brutal, 2019.